30 Day Goals Are Up!

The 30 day goals are up and what a month it’s been! I’ve been super busy keeping up with my goals and getting things put together, but it’s been so much fun! So I thought that I would share a little recap of what I did and how I’m going to move forward.

I started off with going to the gym 5 times per week and writing 30 minutes per day. These were maybe the hardest, or at least the gym goal was the hardest. I’m happy to say that I wrote 30 minutes per day without fail partly because one of my other goals was to finish our script for our web series. The gym goal was a bit harder just because, well it’s the gym. I started off great and kept to my goal the first two weeks and then it dwindled unfortunately, but not completely! I plan to keep at this goal for a while because we all need to take care of ourselves first.

Like I mentioned, another goal was to finish our script for our web series. Two of my friends in my acting class and I are creating the web series together and I’m happy to say that the script is complete! We still have lots to do on that but it’s coming along.

My last two goals were to contact a Canadian mentor and to go sky diving. Because of a few storm days when we all planned to go skydiving, I still haven’t been but will get it done! I’m excited about that one. Last but not least, I contacted a Canadian mentor! I still need to follow up and contact more people but I’m on track.

The point of these goals were to give you a kickstart. Do things that you don’t normally do and to show yourself that you can do them. Just because they’re over doesn’t mean that I’ll stop. I’m heading back to the gym today, I’ve written for 30 minutes already and I’m moving forward with the web series.

Until next time,

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